Our Leadership

K. Rashid Nuri, President and Chief Executive Officer

Rashid provides expert leadership in farm to table operations and urban agriculture. Rashid possess nearly 40 years of experience in both industrial and organic agriculture where he has managed public, private and community-based food and agricultural businesses in over 30 countries. Through his travels, Rashid has observed and learned valuable information about local food economies. His experience includes managing farms in excess of 13,000 acres as well as more than 12 years in management with agricultural giant Cargill. In addition, Rashid served four years as a senior executive in the Clinton administration as Deputy Administrator of the Farm Service Agency and Foreign Agricultural Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Rashid is a graduate of Harvard College where he studied Political Science. He holds a M.S. in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Massachusetts. Contact Rashid by emailing rashid@trulylivingwell.com.


As Chief Administrative Officer Carol oversees the finances, grant applications, staff and volunteers, and all administrative tasks for TLW. Carol has over 20 years of executive leadership experience in entertainment, broadcast and nonprofit management, serving as GM, WAUG AM and TV, Creative Director for MBC Network and VP of Production for Black Family Channel. Carol brings a real knowing about the growth of non-profit organizations to her role at TLW. In 2005, Carol followed her altruistic desire to impact her community by developing “cause related” marketing, programs and project for nonprofit organizations and corporate clients. She established The SeedPlanter Group, a  caused-related public relations and business development company that specialized in providing services to nonprofit organizations. Contact Carol by emailing carol@trulylivingwell.com.